iPad Stand Rentals

Our iPad Rental stands include different types of stands including the floor kiosk stands or the beautiful desk stands that serve their purpose efficiently while looking elegant.

iPad Kiosk Stand Rentals

The first generation of our iStand was a revolution, however the second generation has evolved much boosted by the feedback we got. The newer version of our iStand is a little lighter yet much more sturdy and reliable and has mechanisms built in that don’t let it fall over at all. With the new iStand, many new features have been added such as, you can also bold the entire iPad to the floor.


Other features include:

  • iPad Air compatible
  • Fully lockable mechanism
  • Hide / Unhide the home key
  • Charge the iPad continuously
  • Flat pack Delivery (when necessary)
  • Excellent Pricing for both purchase and rental

Give us call on 702-851-8351 to find out more about the iPad Kiosk Stand Rentals.


iPad Desk Stand Rentals

Explore the new exciting ways to capture data and display content using the new iPad desk stands. The hard plastic case offers protection for the iPad while the sleek and sturdy locking cable enables it to stay locked on the table or counter it is placed on. Perfect for any type of registrations at various institutions, business lead capture and survey apps of any kind, these iPad Desk Stands are available in both white and black.

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