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Business meetings, trade shows, seminars, and conferences are the new marketing tactics for relatively new or mid-sized companies. Run with the ever updating technological world, these professional events are the best way to reach the target audience. The use of technology and latest gadgets make them even more beneficial for both the attendees as well as the organizers. Modern flagship devices such as tablets, iPad, iPhone, smartphones, and Android devices from top manufacturers are all part of this new tactic.

Though technology and professional events combined provide limitless opportunities to grow business to small organizations, these come with a huge price to pay. Gadgets with their utmost usability and benefits come with a price tag that can shake every mid-level organization’s finance. Thanks to the Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rentals that offers the latest technology and phone rentals at cheap and affordable prices.

Get the latest mobile devices on rent at the best affordable rates


What you get with our services:

We are the leading technology rental organization in entire USA, UK, Canada, Middle East and Asia. Through the quality of our services, we have earned the name and symbol of quality from our clients. We offer phone hire services that are intended to maximize the ROI for professional events such as conference, meeting, trade show and seminar.


Top brands that we offer:

Top-notch brands available with suitable accessories and services set at Tablet Hire USA

Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental is one of the largest AV rentals companies in Europe. We have the largest fleet of mobile devices to cater the needs of any large and small-scale organization. We stock more than 1k smartphone’s that are available to rent any time. Get any number of the mobile phone to hire for your professional gathering at the cheapest rates possible. We have a collection of latest and world’s top devices from the top-notch manufacturers such as:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • HTC
  • Etc.

Doesn’t matter if you are in need of bulk amount of devices, our largest fleet of mobile devices is available to you anytime that you require.

Better branding for better prospects:

Do you want to be remembered as a tech-cunning company? Want to give your prospects a tech-savvy impression of your company? Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental offers its phone hire services with branding choices of your own. We will pre-install your logo and wallpaper on each of the devices to give a branded impression of your company. We are known for creating brands out of any trade show, conference or seminar. So, why not give a chance to UK’s best iPhone hire and tablet rentals organization.

Timely delivery:

We offer on the spot delivery and state of the art maintenance

Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental knows the importance of professional commitments. We are serving a number of clients in entire Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Our nationwide chain of franchises is spread in the entire United States to serve every inch and corner of the country. No matter, if you want to hire phones in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any other city, we provide on time and on-site delivery anywhere in the US. Our services offer our clients a peace of mind as we take the responsibility of shipping any bulk or small order at your doorstep.

Why choose us?

All important business events such as meeting, expo, trade show or seminar are powered by latest gadgets and smartphones nowadays. Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental is the most trusted and go-to resource for any organizer in the United States. We offer bulk iPhone and phone hire services at cheapest rates. Moreover, to better serve our clients we offer free shipping at your doorstep and 24/7 live support.


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