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Are you thriving to boost your business with the help of events like a conference, tradeshow or seminar? Latest VR technology is your best bet to get the most out of any such event. However, the increased prices of these latest technologies make it sufficiently difficult for small organizations to employee these. Also, it is not a wise decision to buy these Audio Visual equipment for a short span of need.

Don’t worry TabletHire.com to help. We offer latest VR rental technologies at lowest and cheapest prices. Get the widest collection of Virtual Reality and Audio-Visual devices right at your doorsteps.

Standout the competition by right VR rentals for a trade show, conference, and seminar.


What we offer?

Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental is the largest technology and AV rental organization in the entire United States. Our VR hire collection features some of the top and latest models from the world’s largest tech giants.


Our collection:

  • Samsung VR devices
  • Holo Lens
  • Hire Oculus rift at the cheapest prices
  • Nokia OZO
  • Zeiss VR One
  • Virtual Reality Shinecon
  • Google’s DayDream
  • HTC Vive
  • LED Video Wall
  • iTable
  • Kiosk Pod

AV equipment started with a bang into the business world. Virtual reality was very quick to find its way to the business world. And now it is controlling almost every aspect of the corporate life. From simple office front desks to high-tech production units, technology is found everywhere.

Leverage the latest VR and AV hire for your business meetings at a cheap price

We have the largest collection of VR hire options available at cheap prices and easy rental terms. So doesn’t matter if you are looking for bulk Samsung VR devices or are looking to display with the help of giant LED video wall, we are the one-stop solution for all VR rental needs.


VR rentals from USA’s largest Audio-visual company

Tablet Hire USA is known for its largest collection of virtual reality and audiovisual technologies. Doesn’t matter if you have a soaring audience of thousands on a trade show, conference, business meeting, seminar or a training drive, we can serve the purpose well with our huge cache of devices.


Why hire?

Though technology is the best bet for any company or professional organization to send its message out to the masses in professional gatherings, its price is significantly higher than most small-scale organizations cannot afford to buy. Buying virtual reality devices is also not a good option as it doesn’t seem justified to invest heavily in anything for such a limited time span.

VR rental, on the other hand, is the best option for any size of the company. Because you do not need to pay the actual price and also the maintenance cost is cut down, it becomes the most affordable option for any company to leverage AV hire companies.


Why choose us?

To promote the business high in the competitive arena of business, it is only the technology which can help achieve success when in the trade show, meeting, conference, seminar or any other professional gathering. Tablet Hire USA – iPad Rental has this badge named the premium VR rental organization in the United States. We have the largest inventory featuring every type of AV equipment. Also, hire from us with the easy rental requirements. We take care of shipping and setup for you, so plan yours even freely with a free mind.


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