iPad Hire for conferences

With the advancement in technology, the business and corporate world is also shifting its weight from laptops to the more advanced and portable tablets. In the recent years we have seen a constant trend among businessmen to incorporate tablets and specifically iPads in the business spaces. Tablets are more feature rich as opposed to laptops. They can perform any task that a laptop or a desktop can do with additional benefits of portability and style. Having a reasonable screen resolution that not only fits your pocket but can provide detailed overview of any display, is what makes it the love of executives. iPad devices are most commonly used in conferences as they can add a great bit of value to your crucial tasks. The price of this amazing device is relatively higher but the corporate world has also found a solution for this problem. Most companies hire iPads for their conferences as they cannot afford to buy a big amount of this pricey item. Let’s see how tablet hire is beneficial for short or long term conferences.


​How iPad’s are making conferences more interactive:

There are a number of reasons why Apple’s tablet devices are becoming the first choice of businessmen in conferences and other professional events. Such professional gatherings are mostly aimed at expanding brand outreach and awareness. A handheld device such as tablet can easily conform to all such needs during the conferences. Let’s see how these portable gadgets can add value to your conferences:


Transform the check-in of your event with iPad:

Check-ins and registrations at conferences have been automated, thanks to the Apple’s iPads. There are a number of applications available over the App Store which you can use freely to customize the check-ins of your event. Tablet Hire USA has all the ingredients from the latest models of Apple and Android devices to the custom applications for registrations. We also offer custom application development or you can use our pre-made applications to transform your check-in into ultimate marketing machine.

Social Media Interaction throughout the conference:

From entrance to the mid of your business event, technology leaves no place in making it a vital part. Social interactions play best part in marketing your event over social media. Equipped with social media application such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked, your tablets persuade attendees to share the updates via social media. Also such apps provide a platform for interactivity between the audience and the speaker.


Synchronized displays with better interactivity:

Want to display some facts and figures to strengthen your point of view? Well, no worries tablets are up for the task. The time is gone when large display units were used to portray different stats and presentations over the large video walls. At Tablet Hire we offer synchronized displays to display the same information, graphics, videos, charts, and graphs simultaneously at the hand of the viewer.


Handheld devices have also changed the way of getting feedback from the user during or after the events. Speaker can easily interact with any of the attendee to get feedback from him/her during the event. Also at the end of the event iPads can be used to collect feedback from the user.