Why Tablet Hire USA is user’s first choice for business events

Why Tablet Hire USA is user’s first choice for business events

Tablets are the invention of the century. This amazing gadget is almost used in every business in the modern world. No matter if it’s ones personal life or the professional one, iPad is equally beneficial in both. Apple created a whole industry after launching its first iPad model. It is lightweight gadget having a bigger screen than smart-phones and an on-screen keyboard. These two features make it somehow a combo of both smartphone and laptop. Loaded with the handheld features of smart-phone and having a bigger screen as a laptop, it is an amazing device to use anywhere. Among all the benefits it brings, there is also one thing that makes iPad unreachable for small-scale entrepreneurs. This is where TabletHire comes in with an iPad rental solution suitable for both small and large organizations.


Why hire from a professional company?

There are hundreds of companies offering their services. Why hire us? Well, let’s have a look at the perks of us being at your side.


The largest Inventory:

Whether you want to rent a single piece or want a bulk amount of tablets for your conference. We are the one-stop solution for all your IT rental problems. Having the greatest and largest collection of rentable, we got the ability to transform any of your large or small scale events into a tech-savvy and cunning event. We have at our disposal a collection that includes more than 2500 Android and IOS devices.


Home Delivery:

Delivery becomes a bit of a problem if you are about to host a big conference at your office. As iPads are fragile and expensive too, delivering them on the road can pose a threat. Since we are experienced and have all the resources and measures to safeguard our collection from damage during the transit, we offer our dear customers a free home delivery at their desired venue. Apart from just delivery, we have the ability to ship the order on the same day if you are in hurry.


Fixed Quote:

The quote is very important metric clients can use to judge the professionalism of any IT leasing company. Many leasing companies provide instant quotes but they are not fixed and at the end of the day, the client needs to pay the additional cost for certain services such as delivery, support etc. TabletHire.com provides free and fixed quotes to its customers. We add no additional charges of any kind once we have made our quote. Our quote is also free of cost and not subject to change unless the client changes the demand.


Support Services:

As the support services from the vendor are subject to certain rules and policies, you may get stuck with a faulty device during your event but with rent an iPad service you can easily get a replacement for any device or accessory. Just like delivery and fixed quote, support services are also crucial in making your event planning stress-free. We cannot rely on technology completely as it can fail any time without any prior notice. The support services we provide are state of the art enabling you to pay full attention to event planning.

TabletHire USA 8 Apr 2019