Plan green events with Tablet Hire to fight global warming

Plan green events with Tablet Hire to fight global warming

Global warming is not just an issue for governments, it is a challenge to human existence and everyone should be obliged to take certain steps to fight global warming. Professional and educational spaces mostly make use of paper which causes the forest cutting. Tablet Hire is an event planning and AV rental company focused on saving the environment by providing paperless events to the business and corporate world. Here’s how we are changing the face of professional events and making them green.


Automated Check-in:

Check-in is a place in events where most of the paper is consumed. With Tablet Hire’s iPad and tablet rental services, businesses can hire tablets and iPads with all suitable accessories to create paperless check-ins. We provide iPads loaded with check-in management application to safely and securely manage the in and out of your attendees. We also provide facility to install custom applications. Moreover, our AV rental services come with free accessories and 24/7 support, so you can conduct your meeting with peace of mind.


Event management application for paper-less events:

Want to go paperless with your event? No worries has the solution, we offer package and custom event management application installation before the meetings, tradeshows, and conferences. We never mind installing your own software solution in our devices. Plus, we also provide the facility of custom application development for your specific needs. Our application can perform any event related task such as organizing the documents, contacts, messaging, and scheduling. It also enables you to share the same screen to all the devices for synchronized presentations and product demonstrations. Our event app is a complete solution to all the event problems whether it is getting feedback or interaction between the speaker and audience.


Paperless lead capturing and surveys:

Polls and surveys are a must for any event or business to grow in its field of business. Tablet Hire is an iPad rental company where you can rent tablets and iPads with suitable polling and survey applications to conduct paperless market research and feedbacks. You can easily create, read, ask and answer any questions using our applications and save them instantly over the server. We have both kind of offline and online applications for any kind of market research campaign. We are happy to install your own application if you have any.


Automated ROI calculation and follow-ups:

No professional gathering goes aimless whether it is business meeting, conference, tradeshow or a presentation. Follow-ups and ROI needs to be calculated for each event any company plans and executes. Tablet Hire saves the precious green trees and environment here also. Our rental tablets come with follow up application for calculating the ROI for your events. You can also use emails to follow-up with your leads.


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