How to Use the Latest Audio-Visual Technology in Trade Shows

How to Use the Latest Audio-Visual Technology in Trade Shows

The trade show is a very important gathering as it brings the opportunity for the company to connect with its customers and progress B2B relations. To make it a success and bring greater ROI organizers and presenters need to invest more in technology. Tablet Hire USA – iPad rental provides VR rental solutions to organizers and professional outfits. In our experience of 7+ years, we have successfully changed the game for hundreds of companies. Here we are sharing our expert knowledge on how technology can play its part in bringing more traffic to a trade show booth.

The only way to measure the success of exhibitor events is to collect the largest number of visitors. The greater the number of visitors a booth gets, the better brand awareness could be spread among the audience. However, compelling those foots towards the store could be a bit difficult. This is where we as a top AV rental agency for trade shows come in. Audiovisual technology can play a very decent role in bringing more traffic to any booth.


Giant LED Screens:

LED screens are the best technology to rent in for any professional or corporate event. These screens are super energy efficient and can promote the brand to a couple of miles. The giant screen is a perfect machine to display the message to a larger group of the audience as it can be seen from a couple of hundred miles, more people can get attracted towards your booth.


Robotic Welcomes:

Soon as the visitors cross the border, a robotic guide welcoming the user can create an unforgettable impression and it can promote the brand. Corporate events like trade shows, conferences and seminars are all about creating unforgettable experiences for the attendees. People like to interact with the latest technologies and robots are the perfect machine in this regard. Plus, you can easily brand it with a logo, company presentation or a promotional video.


Charging Station:

When you are in a trade show, charging station is a must-have. Gadgets and smartphones have shorter battery times where such events require a full use. And the life is over for most of the users when their Smartphone is dead. The charging station is a new life for all such users and it can bring tons of traffic to your booth. We offer branded charging stations at very reasonable prices. Get the leads flowing your way by using an iPad enabled survey during the time people spend charging their smart devices.


Tablets and iPads for product demonstrations:

Product demonstrations are the essence of any trade show or exhibition. Leverage the latest models of Apple iPad and Android tablets for demonstrating your products and services. Tablet Hire USA offers branded tablets for a variety of uses in corporate events. Our branding will leave an unforgettable mark on the user’s memory.

TabletHire USA 8 Apr 2019