iPad Hire for Corporate Events

Leverage tablets to work for your meeting, conference, Tradeshow or any other corporate event

​iPad’s are the most productive event technology in today’s business world. Have an event next day, week or month? Want to rent iPad’s for next corporate event? Tablet Hire USA is the largest event and mobile technology rental provider in the USA. Having extensive experience of 7 long years, we now have the largest fleet of Android and iOS tablets. Our bulk iPad hire for corporate events is available at a very quick rental process and the lowest prices. Whether it is meeting, conference, sales presentation, seminar or any other business events, just give us a call today at 702-608-9059 and see the tech juices flowing in shape of leads or sales. We offer free delivery anywhere in the United States.


Top corporate events where iPad rentals can make a difference:

Unforgettable experiences during meetings, trade-shows, conferences, and launch events with Tablet Hire USA

Renting tablets could be super beneficial for your next business occasion if done the right way. Skyrocketing the business impressions with mobile technology has never been so easier, before Tablet Hire USA. With more than 3000+ mobile units, state of the art support services, and free delivery through specialized travel agents, we offer our customers with the lowest price quotes. Here is the list of corporate events we have transformed into hundreds of business outfits so far.

Rent iPad’s for Corporate Meetings with Tablet Hire USA:

Enhance the productivity of meetings; Leverage the latest rent a iPad’s for next event

​Meetings are very important to carry out the day to day tasks and effective communication between employees and business partners. In our experience of 7 years, our meeting planners have successfully transformed hundreds of dull and simple meetings into tech-savvy and cunning professional gatherings. Rent iPad for next corporate event or meeting with us at the guaranteed cheap prices. We lease with our services, the free meeting applications, and other resources. Types of meetings we have covered our clients:

  • Annual Board Meetings
  • Share Holder Meetings
  • Team Building Meetings
  • Virtual Meetings

Bulk iPad rental for business meetings at the lowest price guarantee

Lease mobile technology for educational or professional seminars:

Seminars are necessary for any institute or firm to make its students or employees aware of the latest trends in the industry. We have had a badge of turning the thousands of seminars into informational hubs of information with our tablet rental services. No matter if it’s an educational or professional seminar, rent iPads for seminars and other corporate events from us and see the flood of ROI coming towards your way. Our inventory of mobile technology for seminars offers of a great range of handheld devices from Android and iOS to Window tablets.

Rent tablets for corporate conferences from largest AV supplier:

Get never stopping leads from conferences by making unforgettable attendee experiences

​Conferences are large professional gatherings often with hundreds or thousands of attendees. Our iPad rental collection for large conferences and public gatherings features thousands of devices from known vendors such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Get the latest mobile gadgets equipped with conference software and applications. Tablet Hire Group has several local and international conferences to its credit. We are the largest AV supplier in entire United States, UK, Europe, Asia and Gulf region.

Having a network of offices and franchises spanned over the entire United States, we can deliver any large order anywhere and anytime in America. No matter if your conference is spanned over multiple cities or countries, with our largest franchise network we can cover all such needs. Rent iPad’s for corporate events from us and we will deliver your order at the doorstep without charging an extra penny.

Rent iPads for Corporate Product Launch Events:

Product launch is a perfect marketing place for new products and services. Face to face with customers or potential buyers, firms get a chance to present products in a lasting and unforgettable manner. Mobile and AV technology can play a very important role in making product launches memorable and long-lasting.

  • ​Lease iPads for product demos
  • Software and application testing’s
  • Game launches and competitions

Why choose us?

Get access to the largest collection of rent-able mobile technology with Tablet Hire USA. We stock the huge fleet of handheld devices from iPad’s to Android tablets and Window PCs. Our iPad hire collection features 5000+ units of different iPad variants. Get in touch with us and experience the lowest prices in entire America. Email us at hire@tablehire.com to get a free instant quote and save hundreds of dollars. Our economical packages and easy rental process stand us out from the competitors. Moreover to offer our clients the peace of mind for planning and managing the occasion, we provide constant 24/7 support free of cost. Rent iPad’s for corporate events from Tablet Hire and get free delivery anytime and anywhere in America.