iPad Hire for Trade shows

Whether you are new to the business world or have an extensive experience of your field, the importance of trade shows cannot be neglected anyway. But how to stand above water when everyone is taking part in the event? This question is worth answering before taking any step further. Business world is heavily stuffed with competition and to stand a chance in such competitive world you need to offer something that is worth taking clients time and money. Most companies lack interactivity in their booths, therefore lose important leads. Successful event planners always use latest technology such as iPad rentals for their events to give them a cunning touch. Trade-show is a place where all your competitors will gather, stealing the leads here would be the most difficult task here. So what is the solution? Well, the solution is hiring iPad’s for upcoming trade-show to give your booth an unimaginable tech-savvy look.


​Here’s how you can use tablets in the trade booth:

​iPad jeopardy wall instead of video wall:

Video wall is the gadget of the past. Now is the time for tablets to play an important role here and let me tell you they are playing and playing it well enough. Where video wall only presented your message in form of video, presentation, and product demonstrations, tablet jeopardy wall can perform all the same tasks while providing viewers with interactivity. Not only it could be seen from far a distance but it will also grab and entice the attendees to interact with it. This is where you can get important leads and showcase your products, services and present information about the brand. Don’t forget to hire Tablet Hire’s iPad jeopardy wall for your next trade-show or conference.

Kiosks for conducting surveys and lead capturing:

iPad kiosks stand are the perfect devices that can help getting extra leads and creating brand awareness in your both. Apart from what they can do, kiosks rentals can also grab the viewer’s eyes and persuade them to visit the booth or at least interact with the tablet or iPad rental device mounted onto the kiosk. iPad kiosks can be used to conduct surveys, registrations at check-in points, brand promotion, product displays and other tasks.

Live Q&A during your conference or Tradeshow:

If you want to get max out of your business event, using tablets for live Q&A sessions is a must. Tablet rental devices are equipped with modern and state of the art slide sharing and polling applications to conduct live Q&A sessions during your presentations and product demonstrations at a tradeshow. You can use the answers to generate a lead list for later targeting.

Product, service and brand demonstrations:

Apple’s great invention iPad has the ability to run any high-quality and heavy graphic slide, presentations, demo and any other visual material to run very smoothly. You can use augmented reality with any handheld device to create amazing product demonstrations.

Why Choose Tablet Hire for your next tradeshow?

Tablet Hire is serving the event and corporate industry since 10 years. We currently stock the largest tablet rental collection at our disposal including 3000+ latest iPad devices of different models, sizes and specifications. We offer iPad hire services at very affordable prices. Our brand new 4G enabled iPad hire units are available with the latest and the huge variety of accessories suitable for tradeshows, meetings, conferences, presentations and other professional gatherings. All our services are available with 24/7 support from our technical team.