iPad Hire for Gaming Industry Exhibitions

The gaming industry is growing and growing in its full swing. It has transformed from a couple of innovators to an industry with billions dollar investment and the fastest growth rate. To meet the technological and exhibitory needs of game developers, Tablet Hire USA offers a wide array of technology equipment rental for the gaming industry, exhibitions, and game launch events. Our services and equipment are crafted specifically to enhance the productivity of gaming industry events and exhibitions. Our tablet and iPad hire services for gaming industry exhibitions provide our customers the stress-free and state of the art unforgettable event experience.

Hire the fastest and branded tablets for your next game launch


iPad hire for software and game testing drives:

Tablet Hire USA provides the bulk iPad hire to game development companies for video game testing campaigns. Our huge amount of tablet devices includes the fastest and the processing power hubs from different vendors like Apple, Google, Samsung and other leading mobile technology vendors. No matter if your test drive spans over days, weeks or months, our largest inventory of mobile gadgets is for you. The latest devices with powerful processing capabilities allow testing any heavy game, software or application on our devices. Our collection of tablet devices for gaming industry events includes iPad Pro, Mini, Air and a bulk amount of several Android tablets.

Hire iPads with suitable accessories for daily, weekly or month long game testing campaigns


iPad Pro rental for game launch events:

Do you need a tablet with fast processing capabilities and huge screen, our iPad pro rental for game launches is at your doorstep? Give Tablet Hire USA a call today at 702-608-9059 and we will deliver the order with help of our specialized tech travel agents in the next 24 hours. Want a bulk amount of tablets equipped with a specific application, no worries just tell us your desired application and we will install all the desired settings. Our iPad Pro collection features latest models with fast processing capabilities and large crystal displays.

  • Fast processing
  • Large display
  • Custom application installation
  • Branding
  • Free delivery


Tablets in Gaming Industry exhibitions:

Get mobile technology to work for you in the next gaming exhibition

We offer mobile and tablet technology hire for gaming industry exhibitions for various purposes. Whether it is a test drive, game launch, gaming competition or demonstration, rent Tablet Hire USA offer lowest prices in the entire United States.

Various gaming industry exhibitions we have covered so far:

  • Game testing campaigns for developers
  • Video game launch events
  • Gaming Competitions
  • Game demonstrations


Why choose Tablet Hire USA for gaming industry exhibitions:

With our chain of franchises spread nationwide, we offer a complete and comprehensive range of tablets and mobile technology rentals at cheapest prices for gaming industry exhibitions in the entire USA. Our collection of rental iPad features 3000+ iOS and Android tablets. To give our clients the stress-free and enjoyable event experience we offer free delivery and constant 24-hours support. Our custom modifications and branding increase brand awareness. Ping us on hire@tablethire.com or just dial 702-608-9059 to get an unbeatable quote.